Cut bangs

How to cut your own hair with bangs

Seasons and fashions are changing simultaneously, most of the young girls look to adopt new styles. In recent day banging is the style prefer to choose by most girls to look great and stylish. But going for parlor every time to cut your long layered hair with bangs is not possible, and it is also considered as wasting money.

cut your own hair with bangs

Cutting a fringe is not a unique thing to done only by stylist; even you can cut bangs at home in your seated place. You can even become a best hairdresser for yourself, follow the below steps to learn the right way to cut your fringes as professional.

What are the things to do to cut fringes?

  • First creates a section in the hair

Initially, before sectioning your hair, you should head to wet your hair to cut easier and get clear on the length of your hair. Put your hair volume how much you need to cut and make a bun of remaining hair in the back of your head. Then comb your hair to make three partitions, but bunch your hair bun forwards to loosen the divided hair to cut.

Find out the natural parting through taking pictures in camera than looking in the mirror.

  • Determine the length to cut

You have already three partitions of hair, take the middle partition of hair and comb it evenly to look straight. Decide the desired length of hair to cut corresponding to your forehead length and it better to play safe and start to cutting long bangs yourself. But cut your hair longer than the desired length, because once you cut your hair it can’t glue it back on.

cut bangs at home

Cutting the hair longer than the desired is better than cutting smaller and unshaped in the desired length. Even you while cutting lengthy will give you an option to cut the hair again in the desired length and within the desired shape.

  • Choose an appropriate length to the second cut

Distribute your center partition of hair evenly in front of your forehead by using wide teeth of a comb. Then slightly elevate the partitions away from your face to get the length to make the first cut of your hair. See the line from your partitioned hair and cut the hair across straight.

But mind the point cutting long layered bangs will help to avoid misshapes.

Don’t fear to cut long it is effective than cutting short, try again and again to cut until you reach the satisfied level to look good.

  • Zig- Zag cut

Once when you cut the base line of fringes, handle your scissor to cut the remaining partitions of hair in vertical snips. Soften the baseline of your fringes and check whether you cut the hair in the zig-zag method or vertical method. Cut the remaining two partition of hair near your cheeks in the downward diagonal angle and use your trimmed middle section as a guide to cut. Then frame your face with fringes and release off the remaining bunched hair, softens and comb your hair after that when you look in the mirror even you will find wow factor about your hair cut.