yoga at 50

The various specifications of Yoga

This is an affirmation that we often hear. And in everyday life, this is confirmed on many occasions. Indeed, I observe around me people of all ages practicing Yoga there are children, teenagers, young adults, middle aged people, but also “seniors”. Today, I want to propose an article about senior yoga and present you its specificities.

Yoga For Seniors at 50

I remember very well my dad, at the dawn of his 50 years, who laughingly said to me. You realize Claudia and I will officially become a senior! And I looked at him amused and I said to myself. Indeed, my dad has always done a lot of sport and he continues tennis, surfing, jogging, and when I think of “senior”, my marketing courses come back to me with a blow in mind. To know more about yoga over 50, seek help online.

yoga over 50

Seniors targets of marketing choice

It spoke in particular of “silver economy” and “senior marketing”. Basically, we were told that after retirement, some people had a lot of time available, a lot of buying power and a desire to enjoy life and take care of them. And that all this translated into a high level of consumption. Well, that’s still marketing theories, right? But concretely, what does “senior” mean? Etymologically, “senior”, a word from Latin (comparative “senex”), simply means “older”. But the more we dig the definition, and the more we realize the ambiguity of the term “seniors”. The term senior is a catch all term that is difficult to identify. It is often used right and wrong. Moreover, some questions arise. Who is senior, who is not? Who feels senior and who does not feel? To know more about yoga for a mature woman, seek professional help.

How old are the seniors?

The age category of senior citizens is not clearly defined. Indeed, we often talk about “seniors” in business from 45 years. The marketing often evokes “the housewife of less or more than 50 years” age also mentioned in the Petit Larousse which defines the seniors as “the more than fifty years”. And in sports, seniors are even younger. For example, for the Federation, we are “senior” at the age of 23!! In other sports, we spend “senior” around 35 years only! And besides, each person embodies his age differently and full of parameters can have influence. Living conditions hard work or not, day or night work. There are various options available when it comes to yoga at 50.

Health status

I am often amazed when I think back to the sparkling gleams that I see shining in the eyes of my grandmother and that I saw shine in those of my grandparents who left us. And by the way, I sometimes meet the eyes of people younger than me and I do not find this little flame! The glances seem extinguished, one reads like a resignation, something a little “jaded”. Good at the same time, it remains a first impression, and it is likely to be false and I know that we must not judge on appearances!