Which lipstick is best for me?

Not easy to know. We are sometimes attracted by a great color but in the end does not suit us at all. If you are a little lost in the middle of gloss, matte red and other lip gloss, here are some tips to choose your lipstick.

Choose the color of your lipstick according to your complexion

If one tends rather to choose the color of his lipstick according to his desires, it is however preferable to grant it to his complexion and the color of his hair. If you are blonde with fair skin, choose your lipstick in cold, light or nude tones. Powdery colors such as a pretty rose or peach will not erase the features of your face. The most daring will opt for a real red. There are various lipstick guide for older women available.

lipstick guide for older women

Peggy Sage lipstick or the Nude color

If you are red, bet on warm tones such as orange, copper or brown, which will match well with the highlights of your hair. Avoid choosing a lipstick with a cool shade, those colors that do not flatter your complexion. Seek professional help for choosing a lipstick for older ladies.

Caramel Color Lipstick, Chocolate Brown color

If you are a brunette, you have the choice! However, tune your lipstick to your complexion and style. For light skin, plum and burgundy are perfect. Duller skins can bet on softer or tart colors.

Choosing between glossy, matte or satin?

The textures of lipstick are not lacking and adapt to the style and desires of each. It remains to choose the right one according to your personality or the occasion. Mat With its natural and frank finish, the matte lipstick is suitable for sophisticated styles but not dry or sensitive lips needing a little hydration.

Brilliant bright and melting, shiny lipstick gives volume to fine mouths. Generally moisturizing, it adapts to lips that tend to dry. It tends to disappear during the day. Satin between matte and gloss, the satin lipstick owes its brilliance to its color adorned with pearlescent pigments. Ideal for thin lips (the pearly side gives a volume effect), it has enough moisturizing agents to suit all.

But too iridescent, it loses in modernity, not enough, it is too bland. Glossy gloss or lipstick version, liquid textures are ideal for a discreet and natural make up. Transparent and glossy, the glossy gives a wet effect for lips to chew. A variety of lipstick colors for older women is available.

How to apply lipstick properly?

Make a cross on the lip pencil forget the star of the 80s, whose only goal is to draw the outline of the lips. Otherwise, choose a pencil of the same color as your lipstick. Beware of overflowing if you have chosen a lipstick with a clean tone, do not go over applying it! Also be careful to color the entire lips, not to give the impression of a job quickly done badly, or not to reduce the size of your lips. Remove the excess after applying your lipstick and remove the excess lipstick by placing a tissue between your lips. This gesture will avoid any task on your clothing or trace on your teeth.