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You may feel discomfort wearing a wig initially

If you wear a wig for the first time, you may experience an uncomfortable or insecure feeling. Many people are afraid that their hair looks unnatural. Or that others see that you wear a wig. No worries. Because whoever chooses a wig of high quality, with the right fit and who cares for it properly, looks fantastic of course. Our experts are happy to give you tips on how to make your wig look natural.

Importance of getting your hair modeled by experts

Have your hair modeled by an experienced hairdresser or stylist Just as if it were your own hair, you can have a professional stylist trim to create a certain look that best suits your face. This ensures a unique, individual look and guarantees the perfect frame of your face. That is how your style naturally looks! Thinning in certain places to emphasize your face shape is also a good option. Wear jeweler or gadgets as you would do in your own hair.

By adding a bright scarf or headband to your wig, it seems like you just accentuate your original hair. In addition, a hair band can help to keep the wig in place better. You can always style a wig to look natural.

Hair fibers

You may feel that your wig looks more like your own hair if you choose a wig that can tolerate heat. Because although it is not allowed to use heated styling devices on standard synthetic wigs, you can use them on wigs of real (human) hair. There are also synthetic wigs that can tolerate heat. With wigs that endure styling with heat, you can create different looks.

Apart from these you can always make a full wig look natural. Changing your appearance from day to day may give your environment the impression that you are naturally styling your own hair. Try experimenting with curlers and rollers to give your wig volume and success. Or use a pair of pliers to create style.

The most important condition for all of this is buy the product of the highest quality, if you can afford it. The hair fibers on cheap wigs are of lesser quality, have a different texture and generally seem more unnatural than a quality wig.

discomfort wearing a wig

Types of Wig

Preferably select a wig with the best construction properties. The type of cap and the way in which the hair is applied have a major influence on the natural appearance of the hair. A wig with a monofilament cap gives the impression that the hair grows directly from the own scalp. This allows the hair to be styled in multiple directions. Hand tied wigs provide an even more natural look because the hair is attached to the wig piece by piece. This allows the hair to move more and more heavily, as your own hair would do. A cap at the front of the head gives you an almost invisible hairline.

This offers the advantage that you can push your hair out of your face in a nonchalant manner and wear it behind the ears, without the base of your wig being visible. With such a wig you are assured of an even more natural appearance.

A wig with more of such local functions looks even more realistic. There are various wigs that look natural, available in the market.